The AI Tech & Biz Innovation Awards are the unique celebration of the drive, innovation and hard work in the AI industry. The awards advisory board consists of third-party research institutes, industry alliance organizations, and professional media. The conference organizer will review all the submissions and reveal the nominees. The winners will be determined according to both online and the advisory board voting.



Technologies Award Categories

• The Best Autonomous System Award
• The Best Computer Vision Award
• The Best Deep Learning Award
• The Best Inference Engine Award
• The Best Machine Learning Award
• The Best Natural Language Processing Award
• The Best Recommendation Engines Award etc.

Enterprise Application Award Categories

• The Best Marketing & Advertising Solution Award
• The Best Sales Solution Award
• The Best HR & Recruiting Solution Award
• The Best Customer Support Solution Award
• The Best Security Solution Award
• The Best Fraud Detection Solution Award
• The Best Business Intelligence & Analytics Solution Award etc.

Industries Solution Award Categories

• The Best Bank & Finance Solution Award
• The Best Commerce Solution Award
• The Best Gaming & Entertainment Solution Award
• The Best Healthcare Solution Award
• The Best Manufacturing Solution Award
• The Best Retail Solution Award
• The Best Transport & Logistics Solution Award etc.

Annual Award Categories

• The Best AI Technology Of The Year Award
• The Best AI Business Of The Year Award
• The Best AI Enterprise Of The Year Award
• The Best AI Startup Of The Year Award
• The Best AI VC Of The Year Award
• The Best AI Brand Of The Year Award
• The Best AI People Of The Year Award etc.

Note: If your Product/ Service/ Solution does not fit any of the categories listed as above, then please contact us and we will incorporate it in the list subject to it being appropriate.



• Reinforce client relationships – remind your customers and prospects that you are the best choice of supplier
• Stand out among your peers – let the market see that you are head and shoulders above the competition
• Make headlines on an international scale – international press coverage ensures the industry will know about your win
• Network with the industry’s most influential people – with C-level representation from the most important operators in the region there is no better informal networking forum
• Reward your team – recognize and celebrate their achievements



• Receive a winner’s trophy presented at the event
• Be included in the AI Tech & Biz Awards Winners press release
• Be featured on the AI Tech & Biz Awards Winners website
• Be featured in the AI Tech & Biz Awards Winners HTML posted to the full event mailing list
• Be able to use “Winners of AI Tech & Biz Awards” logo and icon on their own promotional materials.



• Impact: What is the business value of the AI solution?
• Maturity: To what degree has the solution’s ‘vision’ been implemented? Has the solution been operating long enough to corroborate business impact and growth?
• Relevance: Does the AI solution exemplify best practices that other companies can adopt?
• Innovation: Does the AI solution use an innovative design or approach? Innovation can relate to technology, business, organization, methodology, and so on.



• Application Submission
Companies submit on-line application via official website or email entry form to us.
• Reveal the Nominees
Awards Advisory Board from research organization, industry alliance organizations, professional media and the event organizer will review the submissions and papers, then reveal the nominees of each award.
• Online Voting
The online voting will be launched on the awards official website.
• Advisory Board Voting
The online and the advisory board voting will be weighed to determine the winners.
• Awards Ceremony
The AI Tech & Biz Awards Ceremony will be held in Beijing.

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